About Perth Band Bookings

Girl Band in PerthPerth Band Bookings provide artist booking and band  hire services in Perth. We have the perfect entertainment for your next event. Perth Band Bookings is WA owned and operated.
Only by using the latest technology, PBB can remain lean and focussed, so that we can keep our overheads down to give the best possible price and service to both hirers and artists.
You save money, and you are able to find what you are looking for quickly, efficiently, and without the worry.
When you have chosen a band or artist, and you would like to proceed with a booking, it is essential that all parties know exactly what is happening in regards to that booking.
Our policy is that expectations should be clear and concise, and in writing, so that there are no ambiguities or surprises.
Everything is documented and recorded, and each party has a copy clearly outlining what is both required and expected.
All monies paid are held in a trust account on your behalf, for your protection, and are not distributed until after the event.
The benefit of being small and personal means that we know most of our artists personally, and because we are working for you, we are better equipped to find the right band to suit your function.
Most bands have been personally interviewed and auditioned, prior to being listed.