The following is a summary of the terms and conditions for engaging Perth Band Bookings to either hire a band or an artist, on behalf of a hirer, or to list a band or an artist so as to make themselves available for hire.
The terms and conditions are more broadly laid out in the appropriate contract that would be signed at the time of making and accepting a booking, and may be changed without notice.

1. By signing the Perth Band Bookings booking agreement either as a hirer or a band/artist, you are authorising PERTH BAND BOOKINGS, as a fully authorised booking agent to act on your behalf, but NOT as a party to that agreement, and accordingly, will NOT be liable for any default, dispute, negligent act, or omission by either the client/hirer or the band/artist, or for any other matter or incident over which PERTH BAND BOOKINGS has no control, including underwriting of payments.
2. To book or reserve a band or artist, a written contract, must be signed by the booking client, and must be accompanied by the appropriate deposit, at the initial time of booking.
3. A DEPOSIT OF NOT LESS THAN 50% of the total amount is required at the time of booking a band or an artist.
4. THE BALANCE must be paid, in full, NOT LESS THAN 14 DAYS PRIOR to the function/performance date. Failure to do so may void the booking.
5. The said client may terminate the agreement, by delivery of written notice to PERTH BAND BOOKINGS, NOT LESS THAN fourteen (14) days BEFORE the date of the performance.
6. EARLY CANCELLATION: In the event of a cancellation occurring more than 14 days from the booked performance date, PERTH BAND BOOKINGS reserves the right, if deemed appropriate, to charge an administration fee of 10% of the TOTAL quoted amount. In the event that the booking date is changed, and subsequently cancelled, the cancellation policy will be based upon the earlier of the two reserved performance dates, and may result in forfeiture of all monies paid should the cancellation occur within the relevant 14 day period of either the final actual performance date or the original reserved performance date, WHICHEVER IS THE SOONER.
7. CANCELLATIONS (WITHIN 14 DAYS) from the actual performance date will result in forfeiture of all monies paid.
8. RESCHEDULING: When a booking is rescheduled, PERTH BAND BOOKINGS reserves the right, if deemed appropriate, to charge an administration fee, of 10% of the TOTAL quoted amount.
9. Perth Band Bookings is NOT an employment agency. Any agreement with a band or artist does NOT constitute a partnership between PERTH BAND BOOKINGS and the performer/s or artist/s, NOR does it create the relationship of Employer/ Employee.
10. PUBLIC LIABILITY: The onus to ensure suitable Public Liability Insurance, as well as up to date testing and tagging of ALL ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT so that it is compliant with the regulations required by Local Councils, and/or other statutory authority, for all Perth and State venues, is on the artist/performer/band/group, or hirer.